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FREE online employment screening system with fast turnaround and low hiring costs. This system was designed for employers trying to fill jobs with a high turnover and large applicant pools. Take applications through your own branded and secure web site. Nothing to buy and nothing to host! Score and track applications automatically to reduce evaluation times and labor costs.  Advertise widely online and feel comfortable that you will be able to manage high volumes of applicants with ease. Get our FREE online application tools while you can. We offer this service for all NEW clients who try out our background screening services! Interested? Call us at 1.800.315.7678

APPLICATIONBOARD is an online application and processing system developed by BACKGROUNDSUSA, a professional employment screening company based in Denver, Colorado [more...]. Providing an efficient internet based screening service for some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, we have 10 years of experience in the background screening industry. Over the last three years we have developed a secure online application system called APPLICATIONBOARD that has been designed exclusively to meet the needs of our clients. Our clients wanted lower costs, so we developed an online application system that collected the applicants information, and then provided it as a service for them for FREE! They wanted easier processing of the large volume of applicants that the new online application system was attracting... so we developed a scoring and evaluation system that automatically weeded out the least suitable applicants, and provided this service for FREE! They then wanted faster turnaround times for the applicants that were being screened, so we developed a fast and efficient application processing system that requires them to simply press one button to start the screening of an applicant. At each step we have worked directly with our clients to develop the system that we have today. YOU ONLY PAY TO SCREEN YOUR APPLICANTS... THE TOOLS WE PROVIDE ARE FREE! How does it work? Click the workflow image to the right to explore it in detail.

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We developed our FREE online application management system to improve the efficiency of your HR Managers. They have individual control of the process, with complete transparency at each of the steps that go into selecting and hiring the best employees for your company. The system is flexible, secure and paperless, reducing printing and filing costs.
Our FREE online application system greatly reduces the cost of taking and processing applications. The system can handle high volumes, and combined with our scoring system, you save untold man-hours of labor weeding through the applicants so that you can focus your resources on the people that have the highest potential to be a great employee at your organization.
Our online application and management allows you to screen applicants faster, and at a much lower cost. You can advertise widely on the internet for those hard to fill high turnover positions, and our scoring system automatically filters out the poorly qualified applicants, leaving you to review just the best. These Tools are provided FREE for clients who use our background screening services!
By taking your application and background screening processes online, you can improve the transparency of your hiring process. Top tier managers can see exactly what is going on at the office or branch level. HR Managers can monitor the progress of each applicant, and a wide variety of reports and online tools keep track of costs and turnaround times.
All the applicants information is collected across a secure and encrypted connection. Their information is stored in encrypted databases. Only our employees have access to your information, and your employees access is controlled through a sophisticated contact management system. Login by complex passwords, Captcha images and security questions are all required for access.
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