BackgroundsUSA is a professional full-service background screening service located in Denver, Colorado. We have more than 10 years of experience in the background and employment screening industry. Our clients range from small businesses to large national companies with multiple branches in all the states. We developed


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BackgroundsUSA is a professional employment screening company based in Denver, Colorado. Providing an efficient internet based screening service for some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, we have more than 10 years of experience in the background screening industry, and are a founding member of the NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners).

We can provide a complete background screening service with access to all states for virtually all criminal, civil, and bankruptcy records, all federal records, and all the main credit providers for credit records. We also source vital records (birth, marriage, divorce and death records). We can also carry out employment eligibility verifications using social security records. The complete list of all the employment screening services that we can provide are listed on our BACKGROUNDSUSA corporate web site.

Our clients range from large national companies with multiple branches across the nation, to smaller local businesses operating from a single location. We specialize in screening for cash handling positions, but we also do tenant checks for landlords, background checks on volunteers for schools, searches for missing alumni for educational organizations, repeat motor vehicle checks for transportation companies.... the list is endless!

Over the last three years we have developed a secure online application system called APPLICATIONBOARD that has been designed exclusively to meet the needs of our clients. The system is intended to reduce the workload of background screening for job positions that attract a large number of applicants. One common issue with advertising on the internet, either through a company web site or through one of the job boards, is the large number of applications that can be received that require individual handling and vetting.

Our clients wanted lower costs, so we developed an online application system that collected the applicants information, and then provided it as a service for them for FREE!

They wanted easier processing of the large volume of applicants that the new online application system was attracting... so we developed a scoring and evaluation system that automatically weeded out the least suitable applicants, and provided this service for FREE!

They then wanted faster turnaround times for the applicants that were being screened, so we developed a fast and efficient application processing system that requires them to simply press one button to start the screening of an applicant.

APPLICATIONBOARD is the direct result of listening to our clients. The system is designed to take high volumes of online applications at NO COST, and then to automatically score those applications so that only the best applicants are background screened. Your HR Managers choose which applicants are screened, and the applicants that are selected are submitted for screening from within the system, so they are processed instantaneously. The only delays in getting results are caused by the record sources for the states that we are searching.

At each step we have worked directly with our clients to develop the system that we have today. YOU ONLY PAY TO SCREEN YOUR APPLICANTS... THE TOOLS WE PROVIDE ARE FREE!

Please note that ApplicationBoard is a system that is custom designed and built to meet you exact needs. We will consult with you on the format of your online application forms, and the background checks that you carry out on your applicants... and then build the branded system that meets YOUR needs, scoring the applications to your specifications, and optimizing the processing to maximize the efficiency and speed of the system.

Why don't we build a generic system for all of our clients? We have found that clients with a high volume of applications always have special requirements that cannot easily be met with a generic system. In addition we are committed to being in complete compliance with the FCRA, EEOC and other legislation that governs the hiring of employees. Our custom built systems meet those requirements by covering all aspects of the background screening process.

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