The APPLICATIONBOARD online application system can be customized to meet your employment screening needs. The image below displays a simple workflow that highlights the capabilities of the system that we have developed.

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We build you an online application form that you direct your applicants to. You could link to it from your main corporate web site, or post as a link on the online job boards such as MONSTER or CareerBuilder. By moving your application process to an online interface you greatly reduce your printing, filing and paperwork processing labor costs. The online application is available 24/7, so your applicants have the convenience of completing the form at any time. The application could also be accessed from a computer at your offices if you wish to interview applicants face-to-face before accepting an application from them.
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NOTE: The online application form can be customized to your requirements. Click on the link below to view an example of an online application form that we developed for a cash handling and driving position with access to sensitive and secure areas where valuables are stored. This is a very extensive and complex application. We can design ones that are much simpler !

With interaction required from you, the system will start to collect online applications from people who are interested in the positions that you are advertising. NO paper resumees or oddball attachments to review! There is no limit to the number of applications that the system will accept, and because we provide these tools for FREE, there is no cost to you for the applications received. We give you the choice of having a "pre-application" questionnaire with a series of YES/NO questions that can at the very outset of the process, verify that the applicant is suitable for the position before they start filling in the application form. Example questions: Are you over 21 years old? Can you lift 50 lbs? Do you have a criminal record? Do you have a commercial driving license?
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TRY OUR TEST SYSTEM! To give you a good idea how the online application looks to the applicants who are filling it in, we have constructed a TEST APPLICATION FORM that you can view online. This test application form has all the functionality and useability of the real thing. BUT you can't break it! And it doesn't care what button you click next or what information you enter into a field. Nothing is submitted, so you can roam around it at will. [More...]

One problem with online job applications is that the barriers to entry are greatly reduced. Pretty much anyone who has a computer and a connection to the internet can fill in a job application form online. This can mean that you have to wade through a huge number of applications to weed out the unsuitable applicants and drill down to the best applicants. This can be a huge labor cost. To save time and money we have developed a straightforward application scoring system. It assesses the applications based on criteria such as education, criminal records, traffic offenses and employment history gaps. We have found that we can filter out more than 50% of the applications received and allow you to concentrate on the best qualified applicants.
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NOTE: The automatic scoring system is NOT designed to replace a good HR manager with years of experience in filling the positions at your company BUT it can greatly reduce the time evaluating applications by applying a simple set of criteria. The scoring system checks the applicants answers to key questions, and deducts points based on their answers. In our experience, this one step can reduce your workload by 50 to 75%.  [More...]

After scoring, the remaining job applications can optionally be vetted by us in a "pre-screening" step. This is not a complete background check, it is designed to focus on the one criteria that your applicants are most likely to be rejected for. It varies by position, but, for a cash handling position you would probably focus on the applicants credit history. For a driving position, you would check their driving record. Pre-screening can be tailored to your needs. We usually focus on the applicants credit history, motor vehicle record or criminal history... depending on the nature of the position sought. The purpose of this step is to reduce the workload on your HR managers, and only forward applicants who have the best chance of meeting your employment criteria. <<back to top of page<<

The applicants that pass both the online application check, and pre-screening, usually represent only 10 to 20% of the total applications received, although your results may vary. This proportion varies depending on whether you have also opted to ask a pre-application questionnaire, and on how strict you minimum requirements are. At this point we make a quality control check of the remaining applicants to make absolutely sure that all the required information has been submitted, and that all prior checks and questionnaires have been completed correctly. At this point we can automatically complete a full background check, or we can submit the applications to your HR Mangers for their review and possibly for an initial interview.
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For the applicants that pass through these first pre-screening steps, we now run a complete background check. In the example shown we have highlighted a basic background check that focuses on the applicants financial state (credit history, if this was not checked during the pre-screening step); their criminal history (county, state, federal, including corrections records); a check of their education status or their qualifications, and a check of the applicants references, whether employment or personal. I addition we can check workers compensation, civil court cases, bankruptcy, driving records, social security verification, and conduct drug screening. For more about our background and employment screening services, click HERE, this link will take you to our corporate web site. Scroll down and a complete list of our services will be displayed. <<back to top of page<<

The applicants that are screened in the previous step can be evaluated one of two ways. If you wish for us to ONLY complete the background screening, then all the reports and results that we obtain for your applicants are passed immediately they are received on to your HR Managers. We can transmit reports by email, fax, or your employees can log online into our system. If you wish us to evaluate your applicants, then they are evaluated based on a set of criteria that you set up. We do not presume to tell you who to hire. You give us the parameters and criteria of your company's "hire the best" practices, and we will deploy them, use them to evaluate your applicants, and pass only those applicants that pass to your HR Managers. <<back to top of page<<

We can really help you deal with the large numbers of applicants that are generated by internet posted positions. This is the biggest complaint about job boards and other unfiltered job posting services. You can receive literally hundreds of unsuitable applicants, from all over the world, and then have to wade through them all to find the handful of applicants that you really want to evaluate. With our FREE online application form, you get the information that you want, not a random resumee! The application form fields are chosen by you, and can be scored automatically... weeding out the hundreds of unsuitable applicants. We then provide you with the online tools and the background screening information to allow you to make the best informed decision that you can. TRY OUR SERVICES! There is no obligation, and we offer a free trial for qualified clients.
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