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Good Morning!

In these tight economic times, are you being asked by your company to CUT HIRING COSTS? If so, please call us!
We have developed a very sophisticated and flexible applicant processing system called ApplicationBoard, that can be customized for your unique needs. Our focus is to keep your screening costs at a minimum, and the turnaround times short, BUT not by sacrificing quality (no short-cuts using inaccurate and out-of-date criminal record databases). This online application system takes the candidates' applications, scores them, and presents the best applications for review and screening by your HR professionals.
In today's economy you need lower costs, quick error-free processing, and above all, accuracy and dependability. We are completely focused on providing background screening solutions that are economical and quick, allowing you to decrease employee turnover by hiring the best in the candidate pool before they accept another company's offer.

I work for a nationwide background screening company that for the past 15 years has been performing background checks mainly for Armored Car Companies and other cash handling companies.  For that entire time we have been custom tailoring our operations to better fulfill the requirements and needs of the people we serve. We have spent four years developing and refining an online job application system that dramatically cuts the costs, in man-hours and dollars, of hiring for positions that have relatively high turnover. 


The system accepts applications online, and then SCORES them using a suite of time-proven criteria. This makes it easy for HR Managers to focus on the applicants that have the highest potential to be good employees for your company.  The online application form is customizable to suit your application, and we find that, quite literally, just "correctly" filling in the online form is often the best application test for employment!  If applicants have trouble answering the questions and finding the information that we are requesting, then their suitability as good employees is often quite low. 


We would like you to try this system for FREE so we can show you its benefits. To preview its features, click here. I am writing to you directly to invite you to participate in a program we have designed specifically for HR and Regional Managers.

This improved application system offers the following benefits.

1.    Simple online application for prospective employees.

2.    Scoring the online application quickly identifies the best qualified applicants.

3.    Decrease your background screening time.

4.    Lower your background screening cost.

5.    Simplifying EEOC reporting (Equal Opportunity Act) with automatically generated reports.

6.    Seamless control of multiple branch offices.

7.    On line management of all branch employees with access to the system.

8.    Metrics that monitor and encourage individual and branch office performance.

I would like to make a very short presentation to show you how the system can benefit you and allow you to run a few applicants free of charge in comparison to your current process.  I would like to call you next week to schedule a time to talk, or please feel free to respond immediately to this e-mail.

Sincerely yours,


Leslie Servantez
General Manager
BackgroundsUSA, Inc.
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